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Welcome to DASH: The Data Analysis Support Hub Webinars

DASH workshops help registrants with data analysis and visualization by providing training for software programs and coding languages including Excel, LaTeX, Python, R, and SPSS.

DASH workshops welcome students, staff, and faculty from any discipline, as well as the public at large. A number of DASH workshops are also geared towards beginners, so even if you’re new to data analysis, we encourage you to sign up and learn!

2022-2023 DASH Workshop Topics

Collaborations and Co-Sponsored Events

DASH collaborates with the Do More with Digital Scholarship and Research Data Management workshop series on certain events. Access recordings of DMDS events and RDM Webinars.

2022-2023 DMDS Collaborations

  • What is Digital Scholarship?
  • Network Visualizations with Gephi
  • Visualizing Texts with Voyant Tools
  • How to Lie with Data
  • Sound Data
  • Computational Approaches to Text Preparation and Analysis

2023 RDM Collaboration

  • Qualitative Data