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Making the Move from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro

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Are you an ArcGIS Desktop user who is curious about the differences between ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro? This workshop is geared towards existing ArcMap users who are interested in making the switch to ArcGIS Pro and will cover topics such as: the timeline of support for ArcMap, licensing and access, differences and similarities between the two programs, and how to import files from ArcMap and share your content. 

Presentation by Christine Homuth, Spatial Information (GIS) Specialist. Get in touch with Christine.

Workshop preparation

Preparation for this tutorial consists of two steps: Getting the software and the data. See below.

Get the software

To follow along with the tutorial, you will require access to ArcGIS Pro.

Current McMaster students, staff, and faculty can request a license for ArcGIS Pro through the ArcGIS Software Request Form available on the Library’s website.

Free trials of the software are also available from Esri.

Get the data

This tutorial uses a sample .mxd file. You can choose to download the sample .mxd or work with your own file.

Workshop Slides

Download as a PDF

Workshop Tutorial

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