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Cleaning Up Messy Data with Python and Pandas

Raw data often require special preparation for efficient statistical analyses and visualization. This workshop will introduce useful Python functionality along with the pandas package to help organize your raw data and create a clean dataset. Participants will learn how to read multiple CSV files, filter and manipulate their data, and then combine them into a single dataframe according to best practices. 

Presentation by Maya Flannery (DASH Support Assistant). Please note that a beginner-level understand of Python is required for this workshop.

Book an appointment with Maya or another member of the DASH Team.

Workshop Preparation

Preparation for this tutorial consists of two steps: Getting the software and getting the data. Follow the steps below.

Get the software

This hands-on workshop uses Python, a software application for data analysis. The program is free to download. The workshop also uses Jupyter Notebooks via Anaconda. These programs are also free to download.

Get the data

Access the experiment files used in this workshop. Access the Jupyter Notebook used in this workshop.

Workshop Recording

View the original here.