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Teaching with Digital Tools and Approaches: A Sherman Centre Roundtable

From podcasts and video games to coding and data visualizations, digital tools are on the rise in the university classroom—and for good reason. When integrated well, these approaches can facilitate student-centered learning, critical literacy skills, interdisciplinary inquiry, collaboration, and more. Learn how you can integrate digital tools and approaches into your curriculum at this relaxed roundtable conversation with members of the Sherman Centre team.

This session features four short presentations:

  • Jay Brodeur (Associate Director of Digital Scholarship Services) will show attendees how Jupyter Notebooks (a web platform for interactive code development and data analysis) can develop digital literacy.
  • Danica Evering (Research Data Management Specialist) will discuss how teachers can prepare graduate students for the increasingly prominent field of Research Data Management.
  • Veronica Litt (Digital Scholarship Coordinator) will provide a blueprint for teachers who want to integrate creative digital assignments, such as podcasts and DIY video games, into undergraduate courses.
  • Subhanya Sivajothy (Data Analysis and Visualization Librarian) will focus on how the exciting field of data visualization fosters student-centred learning and critical data literacy skills.

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