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What is Digital Scholarship? A Panel Discussion

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Digital Scholarship? This constantly evolving field includes data analysis and visualization, Digital Humanities, and beyond. Join the conversation by watching the recording of this panel and learn about the many possibilities for those working in Digital Scholarship.

Presentations include (in order of presenter):

  • Andrea Zeffiro and Jay Brodeur (Co-Directors of the Sherman Centre) on the Centre’s work and the field of Digital Scholarship at large.
  • Jess Rauchberg (PhD Candidate in Communication Studies and Media Arts and past SCDS Graduate Resident) on disabled creators, content moderation, and how disabled Instagram creators reconfigure platform use through memes.
  • Vivek Jadon (Data Specialist and Co-Lead of the DASH Program) on his work bringing data analysis skills to McMaster through DASH and his current project, the Hamilton Open Data Portal, which collects and makes available data tables on topics including business, immigration, and the environment.
  • Maddie Brockbank (PhD Candidate in Social Work and past SCDS Graduate Resident) on her web resource “Learning in Colour,” which consolidates information, resources, and guidance on creating safer classroom and campus spaces for BIPOC students.
  • Danica Evering (Research Data Management Specialist) on her work bringing Research Data Management skills to the McMaster Community and the importance of proper RDM practices.
  • Shaila Jamal (PhD Candidate in Geography and Earth Sciences, past SCDS Graduate Resident, and current DASH Support Assistant) on her work creating an OER with Dr. Antonio Paez for a course offered in the Earth, Environment, and Society program.

Workshop Recording

View the original here.