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3D Printing Soup to Nuts

This is a day-long workshop that will explore 3d modelling and printing. We’ll take a physical object from the real world, use a series of sophisticated software to render it into a 3d model, and then learn how to print that model on a 3d printer.

This workshop will not be recorded.

Workshop Preparation

  • Bring a phone and please download the Widar app for 3D modelling.
  • Bring a small object to model.

Facilitator Bios

John Fink (he/they) is the Digital Scholarship Librarian at McMaster University Library. Their talents lie in complex and innovative systems administration and project management. He also has an interest in the maker/hacker element in digital scholarship, and is frequently spotted tinkering with esoteric hardware. If you are interested in having the Sherman Centre support your project, John is an excellent first contact.

Britt Sostar is Makerspace Coordinator at Thode Library in McMaster University.