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Evidence of Us: Exploring Potential Futures of the “Queer” Archive

Evidence of Us is a four-part podcast series dedicated to exploring the different considerations necessary to 2SLGBTQ+ archives seeking to expand their collections to include gender diverse materials. Through conversations with scholars and community members, the show explores solely transgender and Two-Spirit archives to learn about what complications arise when queer archives seek to expand ethically. Additionally, the show situates these findings in the context of Hamilton’s Two-Spirit and queer communities amidst a tumultuous political and social climate, specifically focusing on the newly formed Hamilton 2SLGBTQ+ Community Archive and their recent efforts to expand. In my presentation, I will discuss how making space in the archive for further marginalized communities (in tandem with boosting their public-accessibility) is essential to strengthening the confidence of these communities today.

Facilitator Bio

Chase Thomson (he/they) is a young scholar, writer, and artist intrigued by the capacity of collective historical remembrance to strengthen marginalized communities in the present. Chase has recently completed his M.A. in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory at McMaster with his MRP, Evidence of Us, and is now pursuing his PhD in Adult Education and Community Development at the University of Toronto. He hopes to expand Evidence of Us and its archival, auto/biographical, and educational themes into a formal dissertation.

Event Recording

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