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Workshop Title Slide

Frontlines: Faces of the Climate Crisis

My project is a multimedia and online arts-based storytelling project called ‘Frontlines: Faces of the Climate Crisis’. Frontlines is a digital magazine and climate advocacy campaign project that aims to elevate African youth voices spanning across the continent existing within the intersections of climate advocacy, climate research, ecology, sustainability, policy making and decolonial knowledge production. In my talk I will reflect on the ways in which the project aims to not only make avenues of decolonial knowledge production accessible to the “Other” we write and speak about but to challenge entrenched perceptions around ‘objectivity’ and ‘validity’ by centring the many lived experiences of those on the frontlines of the climate crisis and ongoing historic inequities.

Facilitator Bio

Lulwama Mulalu is a Global Health Ph.D. student from Botswana working to examine the power of problem framing, political storytelling and historic amnesia in mainstream climate discourses in post-colonial Africa. Lulwama’s research explores how climate issues are framed in the conceptualisation of the “post-colonial” era and subsequently how the multi-level existential threat posed by ecological breakdown is understood in the context of a violent politics of disposable life within a hyper-capitalist death-based paradigm that is inherently hostile to Black life globally.

Event Recording

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