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Narratives of War: A Virtual Exhibit of Ukrainian Testimonies

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 began a brutal war that has had a devastating impact on Ukrainian people and their cities. When people undergo a traumatic event, their stories often go unheard or only get told decades later. This project seeks to tell those stories in the midst of war. The result is a virtual exhibit called Narratives of War featuring over 1300 Ukrainian testimonies. In this presentation, I will showcase the exhibit’s utility for storytelling, research, and education by demonstrating how researchers can use it to focus on specific demographics, as well as how its map and timeline formats help put the narratives into perspective and highlight commonalities. We hope this resource will uplift Ukrainians’ voices and be used for years to come.

Facilitator Bio

Emilie Altman recently completed her master’s degree in the Cognitive Science of Language program. Her research looks at whether trauma impacts language decades after the trauma occurred. Emilie uses data analysis techniques to investigate the language of over 750 Holocaust survivors who were interviewed in the 1990s. Before coming to McMaster University, Emilie completed her bachelor’s degree at Queen’s University in cognitive science and computing. Emilie also loves to travel, sing, and play board games.

Event Recording

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