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Maximize Productivity with Essential Project Management Skills

This project management workshop is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in any project, big or small. In this power-packed session, I will guide participants through effective project management by showing techniques and strategies to streamline their workflows and maximize productivity. Participants will leave with a toolkit of practical techniques that they can immediately apply to their project(s).

This workshop will not be recorded.

Facilitator Bio

Katy Celina is a first-generation Latinx graduate student pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience. With a diverse background in managing and leading projects, she has excelled in both academic and non-academic settings. In 2008, Katy obtained a diploma in management and marketing from the Show-Business School in Montreal (QC), and in 2020, she earned a Graduate Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization from Bishop’s University.

As a PhD candidate in STEM, Katy has successfully initiated and completed research projects. Outside of her academic pursuits, she has demonstrated her leadership abilities by organizing and leading women’s circles. Additionally, she has contributed her expertise as a digital content strategist and worked as a knowledge mobilizer for both a startup company and a Canadian Research Chair in astrophysics. Driven by her passion for sharing knowledge and assisting others in overcoming challenges, Katy is dedicated to supporting individuals in their journey towards success.