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DS Bytes Series Poster

Welcome to DS Bytes: A Lunchtime Speaker Series on Digital Scholarship

DS Bytes is a six-part event series that will introduce attendees to prescient topics and methods in Digital Scholarship. A diverse group of DS practitioners, scholars, artists, and journalists will explore data, artificial intelligence, critical literacy, social justice, data visualization, and data literacy.

DS Bytes Event Slate

This series includes the following events:

  • “Glitch: Disability, Feminism, Technology” - Dr. Adan Jerreat-Poole (Assistant Professor of Communication Arts, University of Waterloo)
  • “How to Lie with Data” - A Panel of McMaster Faculty and Librarians: Vass Bednar, Cal Biruk, Jeffrey Demaine, Saman Goudarzi, Christine Homuth, and Subhanya Sivajothy
  • “The Value of Visuals in Science Communication” - Mark Belan (Scientific Graphics Journalist)
  • “Urban Heat Islands and Social Inequalities: A Data-Driven Story” - Nael Shiab (Senior Data Producer, CBC) and Isabelle Bouchard (Data Scientist)
  • “How to Lie with Visualization” - Dr. Gabby Resch (Assistant Professor of Information Visualization, Ontario Tech University)
  • “EQ vs IQ: Testing Gendered AI in Apple’s Siri” - Dr. Lai-Tze Fan (Assistant Professor of Sociology & Legal Studies and English Literature, University of Waterloo)

Register for DS Bytes. All lectures will be recorded and made available publicly. The workshop component of “How to Lie with Visualization” will not be recorded, though a text-based module will be released shortly after the event.