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Communicating Research Beyond Academia

Mihaela Gruia, Director of Research Retold, delivers a two-part workshop series on knowledge mobilization. In order to make an impact with your research, it is important to know how to share research findings with broader, non-academic audiences. Gruia explains how to create a communications plan that will aid researchers in translating long, complex research reports into documents that spark conservation.

By the end of this workshop series, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the importance of knowledge mobilization

  2. Apply knowledge mobilization concepts to individual contexts

  3. Describe the key components of a communications plan

  4. Develop a personalized communications plan

Proceed to the first session to get started.

Mihaela Gruia is the Founder and Director of Research Retold, a consulting firm that works with ten universities in the UK and many outside organizations to develop and implement research communications. She received a Master’s degree in Data Science from University of Sheffield in 2017 and went on to establish Research Retold, which has been operating for three years and received significant recognition from University partners in the UK.