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Intro to Twine Games

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Twine is a beginner-friendly platform for building Choose Your Own Adventure Games. Follow along with the four tutorial videos below to get started with Twine. All videos use the Harlowe 3.3.4 story format.

These tutorials were made for HUM2DH3: Creative, Collaborative, Critical: Introduction to Digital Scholarship. Sections of the videos relate directly to an assignment where students create a retelling of Frankenstein through a Twine Game. However, the majority of each video functions as a general introduction to Twine Games.

Asynchronous Tutorials by Veronica Litt, Digital Scholarship Coordinator. Book an appointment with Veronica or another member of the Sherman Centre Team.

Download Twine

  • Download Twine for Desktop.

What is Twine and Why Should I Use it?

This slide deck overviews the development of Choose Your Own Adventure games and texts, from an ancient divination manual to The Last of Us, then pivots to examine Twine’s flexible functionality, and overview some examples of effective Twine games.

Twine Tutorial 1: Building Your Twine Game

View the original here.

Twine Tutorial 2: Customizing the Appearance of Text on Twine

View the original here.

Twine Tutorial 3: Customizing Your Twine Game with Code

View the original here.

For the Twine Code Cheat sheet document, scroll down to “Resources and Support,” located below the video tutorials.

Twine Tutorial 4: Hosting Your Twine Game on

View the original here.

Resources and Support

  • Twine Code Cheat Sheet
  • Note that you can download the Cheat Sheet, then copy and paste the codes. I have disabled the “Edit” option so that I can ensure that the codes are not altered by other users.
  • Access the Twine Cookbook, a helpful resource for all things related to Twine.
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