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More info and other tools

Receive help with data analysis from a member of the DASH team! Book a one-on-one appointment to discuss an assignment, explore software options, or generally receive assistance with data analysis and visualization. Schedule a consultation today.

DASH can help with the following topics:

  • Creating data visualizations, including charts, graphs, and scatter plots
  • Figuring out which statistical tests to run (e.g., t-test, chi-square, etc.).
  • Analyzing qualitative and quantitative data with software including SPSS, Python, R, SAS, ArcGIS, MATLAB, and Excel
  • Choosing which software package to use, including free and open-source software
  • Troubleshooting problems related to file formats, data retrieval, and download
  • Selecting methodology and type of data analysis to use in a thesis project

DASH hosts workshops throughout the school year on topics related to data analysis, including statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization. Register for an upcoming workshop.